Monday, 7 September 2015


From the archives: 2010 - we're approaching that time of  the year again.

 "I am qualified! I am qualified!" One of my colleagues came jubilant into the staffroom the other day. She had passed the practical exam to be a child care and youth worker. I am also qualified. I can work as a teacher because I have a universisty degree. But I don't have a teaching qualification, so I am not qualified for a permanent position as a teacher.

When I decided to get a degree from univeristy, there where two subjects that interested me. I took the one I did because I didn't want to be a teacher (!), but it has proved impossible to get a job  within that field. At first I despaired, now I think - Oh well. When I studied for my degree, my mind was very set on a career. I had worked within the travel/hotelindustry for years. I had met my limits and wanted something else, but needed qualifications. I got my qualifications, but not the career.

Well, I work as a teacher. I am qualified, but not qualified. Now I am thinking maybe I should study the other subject I considered. This time it would not be to a get a new career, but only to enjoy studying a subject I find interesting. I will not be qualified as a teacher, but I will be qualified. I will be able to get a job, but not a career. Important, that is. More important than a career, I've discovered.

From the Archives: I was so proud when I got my Bachelordegree. I wanted to scream: I am qualified: I also have a useless master.

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