Thursday, 17 September 2015


My own copy of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Around 35 years old.
I have always loved reading. Now I work with children whos reading skills are limited. They have a different relationship to books than I had a the same age. Still, I have discovered that it is possible to capture their imagination. And some stories are  without time and space.
 I have underlined words in the text. All of them starts with h.

I have one lesson every week where I read a story to my students. Last week I read Peter Pan. I brought along my own copy from my childhood. Some of the children had seen the movie and knew the story. But still, I managed to capture their attention. I always find that fascinating when I manage to do that with children who are not used to being read to.

I also was happy to notice that some stories seems to have eternal life, and that the class found my own copy of the book was interesting. My own childhood handwriting was a bonus - to me at least.

I have misspelled Peter Pan. It is spelt in the same way in Norwegian and English. Petter on the other hand is a wellknown mansname in Norway.

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