Sunday, 8 November 2015

Vision of me on a sunday...

Sometimes I think I'd like to blog more about fashion and the things I  wear. I hardly ever do because I find that what I wear is to boring. The job and everyday life doesn't demand other than comfortable clothes and that is what I like the best anyway, so that is what I wear. Jeans and tops, mainly.

Now I am in the middle of  busy period hence a lot of my clothes, on this Sunday morning, are either just coming out of the washingmachine, are in the washing machine or is waiting to go into the washing machine. So for a family visit today I ended up with stripes, beads and glitter. I had to take a photo to see if it worked. Not sure if it did, but I wore it.

Here is a photo.

I almost manage the Barbie look, but not quite.

The question is: Do you get an impression of how the outfit looks?

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  1. I do get an impression, and I like this -- it's Classic with a Twist, no?
    Interesting you would post this today as I've just posted on drawing away, a bit, from wanting to put so much thought into my wardrobe. As much as I felt constrained by travelling for 7 weeks with only one small carry-on's worth of clothes, I also found that restricted choice rather freeing. . .