Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Xenon means....

........ a ​chemical ​element that is a ​gas with no ​colour or ​smell. Xenon does not ​react with other ​elements and is used in some ​types of ​light ​bulb.

Going home in the afternoon....

Light is an ever returning topic living in this country. Either the overflow of it or the lack of it. Now the lack of it is dominant. It is the time of year when I leave for work in the dark. When I go home in the afternoon it is also dark. I know there has been some hours of daylight in between, but I haven't always noticed. I can live with the lack of daylight - not everybody can. I also know that six months ago and in six months the light was and will be here. Equally fascinating!

A clear day  in November gives a feeling of having seen the daylight.

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