Wednesday, 9 December 2015


We are well into my favourite time of the year. I love this pre-Christmas time. This year I am feeling rather exhausted from work commitments and can't wait for the christmas holiday, but still I try to enjoy the advent time.
What I love is all the light we put up in the middle of the dark period. Some of it I can admirer and enjoy, others  I can laugh at and shake my head at. I love the "goodness" that is around; gift giving, parties, kindness.
I love the fact that you can come to work in a Santa Claus hat with long plaits, wear it all day and nobody rises an eyebrow. You can only do that in December. It is only in December we theme days like that.
I love the break it gives us at the end of one year, before we go into a new one with 365 blank pages.

I love that I can take ot my red candle light holders. I love red,but I am afraid to use to much interior in red. I am afraid it will be to overpowering. Christmas gives me an excuse to try it out.

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