Monday, 14 December 2015

Brev = letter; as in letters many of us don't send anymore......

At work we have this secret friend thing going on at the moment. If you don't know what it involves, it is basically that you get a colleague as your "Secret friend" and the point is do to things for him or her like giving a gift, cleaning the office -  whatever   My idea for my secret friend involves a christmas card. I remember buying a packet of Christmas Cards a few years ago - probably ten in a packet - and I thought: have I used them all and will I have to buy one, or? (Ten Cards in how many years? Nearing ten,probably!) - Because I don't really send Christmas cards anymore. It is mainly SMS and social media around here.

I got my box with cards out and in there I found some cards sent to me. Those cards really made me smile. Cards with beautiful motifs and handwriting - I thought: We have to get back to handwritten Chritsmas cards that we send in the mail! (I know it won't happen).

I got the above card from a friend I was at University with. I know that she made the card herself. I just love the fact that she pieced it together bit by bit, got out a pen and sat down to write to me by hand.

When I worked in the hospitality industry a few years back, I one summer was asked by a tourist to answer a questionaire. She came from Japan and was a student who did research on her way around Europe. She said that if I answered her questions she would send me a Christmas card. It was high summer in Norway and Christmas was not on my mind at all. I can still remember how surprised and happy I felt when I found a Christmas card from Japan in the mailbox.

I am all for mobile phones and social media. I am glad to have experienced life both with and without it, an I regard SMS and social media as progress. It is just something different to get a handwritten card rather than a meassage on the phone or on facebook.

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  1. I love getting handwritten cards, so it's shameful that I don't send any myself... perhaps a New Year's resolution . . . ;)