Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Running at 10 am on 21st December. Look forward to more daylight.
It is winter solstice today. Even if I don't mind the winter and find it fascinating with the change in light and darkness, I must say that I have found this December awfully dark. It has all to do with the weather. Is has rained and rained for what seems like forever. There are floods upon flood nearby and weather records for warmest December and most rain are both broken. I could write a lot about climate change, and is there anything we can do? (This is gettig a bit frightening), but I won't. Today I celebrate the fact that more daylight is coming.
We will have no white Christmas around here, that is for sure. As I read on facebook the other day: The only "white" we'll have for Christmas this year is huge rivers and waterfalls.

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