Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

From the Archives: New years eve 2013

I want to wish everybody a happy new year.
I hope your plans and dreams for the new year will come into fruition.
I hope for a peaceful and stable year for the world.
I hope for a prosperous one for me and my family and that we all can stay healthy and happy.

Happy New year!

Friday, 30 December 2016

December moments......

December - the best month of the year,
but also a time for break-up, change, anticipating what comes next.

Here are the moments:

My job came to an end. For most of December we had only three students. That led to an empty and closed classroom.
We looked forward to Christmas in all the darkness and rain. I loved the decorations in a tiny street in my neighbourhood.
Green Winter.
A trip to the library with the students.

And the last day with sweets and movie...

I have ended the job. Christmas tulips as a farewell gift.

We have celebrated Christmas and I have had some nice days off and a few runs around the lake in the rain and wind.

 Now we look forward to the New year celebration.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Review of the year 2016.....

I guess I am a bit nostalgic as I always start to look back on the past year at this time of the year. That has led to me writing review posts on the blog every year.The review this time is probably a bit different. I like to think that at the ende of the year when I make my review, I really think it through and I find lots of photots I want to repost. That is what I like to think, but it hasn't necessarily been the case - I don't know. It is certainly not so this time around.
When I went through my posts I didn't really find that many photots I wanted to repost and I asked myself if I should perhaps drop the whole review-post thing. But old habits, an the overall idea I have for this blog won. So here is a short, fast, furious and hardly chronological review post of the year 2016.
I have had the best teaching job I could ever dream of throughout this year. I have been so Lucky to be allowed to get to know all these wonderful families.
During the course of the year one bunch out, another one in and at the end of the year they where all gone.

My plan was to travel, but I only got to Rome. But then again I got to spend the summer on the Norwegian west coast.


I can only define this year as a good one. Quiet, fruitful, peaceful for me personally and those I care most about. But it has also given me concern for the society. I look to the future with optimism AND apprehension.
Personally I am either climbing the stairs or falling down. Time will tell, (Cryptical, I know)

Saturday, 24 December 2016

God jul...

We are ready to celebrate Christmas. The tree is decorated, the gifts are wrapped, the food is in the house.  I don't think anything is missing.
I wish everybody a happy and peacful Christmas.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Silent Sunday...

The Christmas tree in the park with the local church in the background lighted up a rather dark and wet Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Favourite month is December!

I pass this house on my run. They have put up so much lighting. The picture doesn't do it justice. (Forgive me for having photographed your house. It is because I love it)

December is my favourite month. At the moment we have 18 hours of darkness, but there is so much light around! The Christmas lights, of course. And I just love it. The tackier the better.
December is the month where you are allowed to go a bit bananas. When a perfectly respectable citizen spend hours on a Saturday afternoon in December to get his chritmas lights working. And when he, after many hours work, is finished he has blinking christmas lights in all colours all around his house. And it  just looks awful. I love it.
And, oh - this year I have noticed that the ugly Christmas sweaters are really popular. I need to get one!

It felt weird sneeking around taking photos of the chritmas decorations in the neighbourhood, but here is another one. They weren't finished decorating when I took the photo. (Sorry to you, too)

Saturday, 10 December 2016


I took this photo just before I took all the drawings down from the wall.

I have mentioned on a few occasions that I am out of a job at the end of the year. As it has turned out I am not leaving the class to a new teacher, but closing the whole thing down. It has been an emotional term. One student after another has left. They are all asylumseekers in this country, so some of them face an uncertain future. It has led to many sad goodbyes, and here we are. The last student of my class has left. Exittime for me as well.

Last week we closed down the classroom. Moved all the stuff to a smaller room for the three students that remain. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with integration over the past couple of years. It has been so different from what I thought it would be like. In the end - people are people no matter where they come from.

Hopefully new adventures on the  horizon for me. I don't know what they are, yet.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November moments...

Only one month left of 2016..
Can't believe it, it has passed so quickly...
Here are the November moments...

November can't decide whether it is Autumn or Winter.

It is dark mornings with a frozen windscreen, but also beautiful sunrises in the country.
November is Seafood month. We are so lucky to live in the shellfishes habitat. In November and October we can catch them.
Ruffen came with her home from kindergarden. We played with him one whole afternoon.
I don't see that many swans, so I took the opportunity to photograph those two.
I see a lot of seaegles, but this one was circkling around jsut outside the frontdoor.

 Yet another exam. Nordic literature this time.

 And we are already here again!
 I can't believe it!!


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Darkness and drain....

Some rays of sunshine an afternoon a couple of days ago....

This is the country of contrasts. Warm and cold, darkness and light. Some years I really react when the dakness is back. This is that kind of year. At the moment I hardly see daylight. It is dark when I go to work, it is dark when I am finished and I spend nearly all my time indoors.
In addition it is pouring with rain day after day, which makes it even darker.

I hope for some clear days before "it turns" (as we say around here, meaning winter solstice). I know nothing as beautiful as "the dark time" in cold, clear winterweather. I feel drained and uninspired at the moment. Due to the weather, but the worksituation doesn't help either. We will pull through, as we do every year.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Closing down...

I have known for some time that I am out of a job by the end of the year. The situation that occured in late August/September with the reorganization of the asylumseeker "system", has totally put that to the back of my mind. I have started to think about what to do next, but other things are playing on my mind.
Rather than handing my students on to a more qualified teacher (as I thought I would at the start of the schoolyear), we are now reducing the class significantly. At the start of term we had 25 students in our group. As I write this we have thirteen left. By the end of the week four more will be gone. At the end of the term there will be three left. This is all down to politics. Some are allowed to stay in the country, some have to wait for the answer to their application and are just being moved to a different centre and some have their application rejected and leave the country.
It is a though deal saying goodbye to them. In particular the ones that are going in to an uncertain future. People are people and over the past few months connections have been made, no matter what the circumstances are for them coming and going.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Silent Sunday.....

Autumn is still hanging in there, but all the indications are that it will loose pretty soon: colder weather, frost and a dusting of snow overnight.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Black & white.....

Lately I have been experimenting with black and white photography. Basically because I like the way they can portray things in a different way to colour. Sometimes even in a better way.

I don't really have any other idea about that than posting them here. So here they are:

This is part of me...

I have one in colours in October Moments...

The ever increasing amount of empty chairs in my classroom....

Out running.....

Downtown and deskview....

Monday, 31 October 2016

October moments...

October has been a good month...
Beautiful autumn weather...
The job is slowly ebbing out...
Joy and sadness side by side....
Photos posted randomly...

Happy ducks (I guess) and vivid autumn colours
Weekday night just before bedtime for her.

 I haven't posted a selfie for a while, so here we go...

October has been such a glorious month. I never get enough of photographing it.

I am still practising grammar with my lovely students, but not for long...

The local museum in autumn colours....


Morning - evening - you just can't beat it....
We took out the old monopoly from 1984. It has still got it!

I still have my own classroom...