Monday, 18 January 2016

Edge of Winter....

It should not come as a shock that snow falls in the wintertime, given that we live this far north in the world. Personally, I think the snow could just stay in the mountains, so that those that like the snow and want to play in it can go there and play. The climate changes has lead to a few mild, just about snowfree winters around here. I have given a few thoughts and worried to the abnormality in this, but still enjoyed the snowfree streets. But no snowfree winter this year. What I  mind is what the snow does to the streets, traffic, car, shoes, my mood - and the fact that on this coastline it comes and goes for three to five months. When it falls it will stay for a few days, than start to go away before it freezes again and we have ice everywhere.
Still - I have had one joy in this round of snow. It was to see the joy in the refugeechildren I teach. They are experiencing snow for the first time now. It has reminded me how much fun it can be to play in the snow. A joy to watch! 
Mild weather is forecast for the weekend. I hope it lasts for weeks, so that all the snow goes away :).


  1. I feel the same way about snow, and I would be quite happy if it stayed on the mountains to make the skiers happy. Still, it must have been so much fun to watch your refugee children frolic in snow for the first time ever -- amazing!

    1. Absoluteley. It is pure joy for them...