Wednesday, 3 February 2016

From Rome....

The school that I work in has a friendship school in Rome. Our students write letters to the students in this school and vice versa. They get to practice English and learn about a different European culture. The last weekend of January some of us teachers payed them a visit. It was such a joy. We where recieved with open arms and so much friendliness. They where really, really well prepared.
After the visit we spent the rest of the weekend as tourists in Rome. Beautiful city in a beautiful country.

I will let the random photos speak and not comment to much. Here they are:

Visiting Our friendship school in Rome - we just couldn't ask for a warmer welcome.

 They had a "wall of Words": Important words to remember in the schoolsituation (and life). These boards are made by the students in different languages.

 Happy ladies....
I like the fact that I needed my sunglasses.

The above photo of Colosseum was in my hotelroom. When I arrived I thought this would be as close as I would get to see it when in Rome. But I got to see it. At least a blurry look from the outside.


And then all the history....

.....the fun and modern...


And food of course, even if this is not the best thing I ate, but the only thing I photographed.

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  1. What a great reason to visit this city! So fun to read this post while I'm here in Rome (leaving today...) and recognise the sites I've just visited.