Monday, 15 February 2016


From the archvies: Winter 2013

February is the shortest month of the year, but I have always found it to be a heavy month to get through. It is an inbetween month. The long winter is coming to an end but not yet, we have to get through February.

This year I have found February particularly hard. I never really recovered from the illness I had last November. All through the winter I have been coughing and feeling a bit shabby, but not bad enough to stay home from work. Perhaps not a good idea, come to think of it. And it has been so tiring. About a week ago I got really sick - the flu, apparently. According to the experts I have just been unlucky and caught every bug that is around. Now I am slowly regaining my strength, so I hope to be back stronger and fitter than ever soon. Half of February is gone and spring is not to far away, now.

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