Friday, 25 March 2016


Koosi, apparantley means "peace" in the language called masaba, a language spoken by around two million people in east Africa. It lead me to think of the English word "cozy" or the Norwegian word "koselig", positive words, good words leading me to think of good things.

I took the photo above on the morning of March 23rd, and peace was the first thing that struck me. The sun reflecting in the quiet fjord. A boat out fishing, a quiet village, easter holiday. Peace all around. A beautiful moment that this photo doesn't do justice at all.

I am alone at home. I know that those I care most about are either travelling in Europe (safe places, hopefully), they are skiing in the mountains or visiting granny in a different part of the country. They are safe and sound on this particular day. Not all of us are, and we don't know where terror will stikre next.  I just came to think about this as the images from the world came in where my image is this.

I don't have any other Words than this.

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