Thursday, 31 March 2016

March moments.....

The transition has started..
Not only in nature..
That is all...

I longed for spring in early March, but nature said: . be patient, girl, so I kept burning candles in the evenings and even took out the "happy" candles.

It was carnival time at school. First time for some.
 I think they enjoyed it. Sometimes it is so hard to tell.

Easter holiday and I could "move" to the country and spend my "medtitationtime" by the North sea.

Sunshine on my mothers orchids.

I visited an old grave. I don't go very often because I don't really feel that it gives me much for some reason. This time it felt good to be here.

They came back from easter holiday and the first thing they asked where. - The big easter egg - where is it? Of course, it was there somewhere.

I love it when things start to grow..
Welcome spring!

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  1. That photograph of the child wearing an old man's mask -- very potent somehow, comical yet eerie. . .