Friday, 29 April 2016

Moving on.....

Roses from my boys and girls.
In early April we where informed at work that the group of very special students, all refugees, would be transferred to their local schools from May. It was quite a shock as we thought they would stay with us untill the summerholiday in June. At first, I just wanted to lock them up and keep them there forever. As the month has progressed I have become used to the idea that they are going.
It has been a busy month. We had to prepare them, we had to pepare their new schools and teachers and there is a lot of paperwork to be done. In addition there are new students arriving on monday. The refugee crisis in Europe and the world has also reached Norway.
The parents organized a leaving-do today. It was a day of mixed emotions - moving, stressful and a good day. I send these children out into the "world" with a little more knowledge than what they arrived with a year and a half ago. But this was the easy ride. I know that they have not got a clue as to what expects them now, and that will be so much tougher than what they have experienced of school so far.  Some will cope, others will struggle. That is always the case, I guess, no matter where you come from.
We are moving on. They go into Norwegian reality. On monday I welcome a new group.
They did it themselves - the decorations and flowers.

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  1. Such important work you're doing -- must be so rewarding, but also so challenging, difficult to balance between caring for your young charges and letting them go on to integrate into their local school.