Monday, 27 June 2016


In the photos above and below you can see the books I have been reading over the past month. With summerholiday approaching and exam done I suddenly had time to sit down and read a work of fiction. That after a winter and spring as a student where I read less entertaining stuff, but important stuff for my life. At the same time I have gone to work every day where I have students who are 11, 12 and 13 years old, they are in a foreign country learning a new language and new culture and often I start with teaching them how to read. This is not easy for everybody.

Before I started in my current job, I had never reflected on the fact that reading, actually being able to put the letters together and shape them into meanigful words, are so incredible difficult to learn for some people. And also there is the prospect of the wider consequence if they don't learn to read properly.

This is the point where I have edited this blogpost what feels like a million times. I had written a lot about the challenges I face, the challenge the students face, how difficult it has been to get advise from the expertise and most of all my own "journey" (if I can put it like that), where I have become so aware of the importance of reading and how sad it makes me feel when I send students out of my classroom that have not learnt to read properly and probably never will.

I have cut the post short because I have been afraid to give away my students and the system, but I think I got my point sort of across. Reading gives me so much pleasure and I wish that upon everybody!

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  1. You ddi get your point across, Givi. Reading is such a pleasure and a privilege, and it's very important that you do in trying to pass the skill along to your students -- such a responsibility, and I can see how it must weigh on you daily during your work year. Now it's time to release yourself into the enjoyment of your own reading during your all-too-short summer holiday.