Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August moments....

Another change of season is underway,
Changes occuring in my working life,
But a good month....
I can see from the photos that nature has impressed me...

Early in the month I found it very autumnal.

But it got better, and August can be so beautiful..
In sundown above and in daylight below. The same Place.
Rainbow from my livingroom window.
Moonshine from my countryhome window.

 I discovered that sunday morning was a great time to run around the town center.
A statue of Edvard Grieg in the photo above outside the concerthall named after him in Bergen.
The Music pavillion dressed for summer in the photo below.

 I just loved these two views.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Silent Sunday.......

End of summer.
Yet another beautiful sunday morning in August.
(I hope someone will rescue this boat soon :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Visiting your own place....

I have lived in this city for seven and a half years. I moved to the area I live in now because I was going to be a fulltime student at the University and my flat is only a 20-minute walk away from there. Very convinient at the time. For the next four years I walked to the University just about every day. What I didn't discover untill this weekend is that I walked past a gem - The muesums garden. The thing is that if I had come to Bergen as a tourist I would probably have visited at least one of the three museums it surrounds and gone through the garden on my way too and from the different museums. That is my guess. That is the kind of thing I do when I visit foreign citys.

I studied for a mastersdegree in history at the University so during my studies I visited the museums on many occasions, but I never walked through the garden. I am surprised how big and beautiful it is. I guess that is the thing about living in  a place on a permanent basis. The everyday life catches up with you and you don't spend time visiting attractions and things that is good for the eye and soul. I am sure I am not the only one who knows a lot about and have visited attractions in other cities, but never been to the local ones - because I can do that some other time.

 So note to self: Take time to visit your own place. Take time to discover these beautiful places that we are surrounded by. They can really lighten up the today and not only some other time.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Silent Sunday....

Urban sunset at the end of summer...
August can be so beautiful!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Uncertain times....

As I was out walking in the unseasonable weather yesterday, I took the photo above. Basically because I found the weather and the state of the stairs with all the fallen leaves very autumnal, even if it is technically still summer.
Lookng at it back home I thought maybe this is a sign for my future.
The thing is that I will (probably, depending on...) change job in the next few months. I have a contract for my current job untill the end of the year. Even if I have had this job for a year and a half, I will now be somebodys locum for the next few months. The reason is that I don't have the formal qualifications to do this job. I find that fair and square, and I am glad to live in a country and in a work environment that have such employmentprocesses. I have been given an offer to get the correct qualifications, but I have decided to turn it down. That is why my future is uncertain. I have qualifications. I have a mastersdegree and lots of other credits and I really don't want to study something new at the moment. So I will try to get a job within my field. That is not so easy. But I have started to look around. It is nerveracking at times. The prospect is unemployment, perhaps I will have to move. On the other hand I am really happy with my decision to turn down the offer from my employer, strange as it may sound.
Returnng to my photo - Come January I might have climbed the stairs or I might have fallen down.