Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Uncertain times....

As I was out walking in the unseasonable weather yesterday, I took the photo above. Basically because I found the weather and the state of the stairs with all the fallen leaves very autumnal, even if it is technically still summer.
Lookng at it back home I thought maybe this is a sign for my future.
The thing is that I will (probably, depending on...) change job in the next few months. I have a contract for my current job untill the end of the year. Even if I have had this job for a year and a half, I will now be somebodys locum for the next few months. The reason is that I don't have the formal qualifications to do this job. I find that fair and square, and I am glad to live in a country and in a work environment that have such employmentprocesses. I have been given an offer to get the correct qualifications, but I have decided to turn it down. That is why my future is uncertain. I have qualifications. I have a mastersdegree and lots of other credits and I really don't want to study something new at the moment. So I will try to get a job within my field. That is not so easy. But I have started to look around. It is nerveracking at times. The prospect is unemployment, perhaps I will have to move. On the other hand I am really happy with my decision to turn down the offer from my employer, strange as it may sound.
Returnng to my photo - Come January I might have climbed the stairs or I might have fallen down.


  1. You seem to have a very good attitude, I must say, in confronting this transitional time. So glad that you are seeing the possibility for something positive to come out of this change -- there's at least a hint of excitement in your post -- good luck!

    1. Thanks! I have to stay positive even if it is hard at times.