Friday, 30 September 2016

September moments....

Summer at the beginning of the month...
Autumn at the end of the month...
Life continues in its familiar track...

My job is slowly coming to its end, but at the moment it goes on like normal.

Autumn is definitely here, even if September has felt more like summer than July did.

Time to light candles again...

A walk in the woods and one by the sea.
Lots of wind in late September

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Yalla Yalla......

The word "yalla" has crept into the Norwegian language years ago.  We talk about "yalla stuff", "yalla stores", etc. It is a negatively loaded word in Norwegian and it is obvious that it is connected to immigrants and can be racist in its use. I have never given it much thought untill resently as I now work with arabic speaking children who use this word all the time. When I asked them what it means they say it means "come" - completely different from the meaning it has been given in Norwegian. According to the dictionary it means: "come on" "hurry up". During lunchbreak one day we talked about this and many of my colleagues where surprised to hear the real meaning of the word. How can such a simple, kind word from its origin be turned into such a negative word in a different language?

I have done some research and I have found out that "Yalla" has not got a place in the Norwegian dictionary - yet. Thankfully - in my opinion. But it shows how something can spread and be given meaning through thoughtlessness and prejudice.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Xanthophyll makes the leaves yellow...

Yellow leaves through rain..
 When I was a child I thought of September as the yellow month. I grew up by the coast and the autumn colours are not as vivid there as they can be other places. The leaves go yellow and then quite rapidly brown. That is if they are lucky enough to stay on the trees long enough to turn brown before being swept away by the wind.

I like September better than August. Now I can settle into autumn because I know that summer is definitely over. Often September surprises with warm days and lots of sunshine. Like now!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Thursday, 1 September 2016


In this Uncertain times.... post I wrote about my own uncertain future as regards my working life and about decisions I have made.

A few days ago we had some sad news at work. Many of the children I teach at the moment are asylumseekers from wartorn parts of the world. They came to us in May as it was put up a center for asylumseekers in the community and many families was sent here. This is all a part of the ongoing refugeecrisis we see in Europe.

Early in August we where told that the governing body of asylumseekers/immigration in this country would review the organization of these centres. We where told that maybe more families would be sent here, and that it was unlikely that the center would be closed down. It came as a shock to us all when we where told that actually it had been decided to shut the center down and move the people to different centers other places in the country.

I am the lucky one in this. I knew my situation and had made some decisions. Now we have a situation that several of my colleagues will either loose their job or some will probably be transferred somewhere. Even harder is it to think about the fact that 25 children will be moved on. They will probably be ok, but at the moment I am sad for them that they will have yet another move and upheavel in their young lives.

Well....I have nothing more to say about the situation than that at the moment.