Monday, 10 October 2016

Zebra crossing.....

There are certain battles you are just doomed to loose. For example one we have fought at work over the past couple of years regarding a zebra crossing.

My students comes to school by bus. They have to cross a very busy road to get to school. The only way to get across is to walk/run across. It is a dual carriage way, 80 kilometres per hour speedlimit and in one direction there is also a sharp bend just before the busstop. Just about every day I watch them cross this road with my heart in mouth.

We decided to do something about the situation and started to get a process started to get a zebra crossing here. Oh boy! What a process. After one and a half years of trying we are not one step closer to the goal. For starters - it is a political matter. When you get it through there, there is the applications you have to fill in. Just the bureaucracy can make you want to give up.

We had an alternative: that a bus comes down to the school and picks up the children from there. Nobody can agree who is going to pay for it, so we are not one step closer there either.

Like one of my colleagues said: the only thing that can speed up the process is if a child gets run down by a car and killed. Harsh and brutal but true.

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