Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Darkness and drain....

Some rays of sunshine an afternoon a couple of days ago....

This is the country of contrasts. Warm and cold, darkness and light. Some years I really react when the dakness is back. This is that kind of year. At the moment I hardly see daylight. It is dark when I go to work, it is dark when I am finished and I spend nearly all my time indoors.
In addition it is pouring with rain day after day, which makes it even darker.

I hope for some clear days before "it turns" (as we say around here, meaning winter solstice). I know nothing as beautiful as "the dark time" in cold, clear winterweather. I feel drained and uninspired at the moment. Due to the weather, but the worksituation doesn't help either. We will pull through, as we do every year.

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