Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November moments...

Only one month left of 2016..
Can't believe it, it has passed so quickly...
Here are the November moments...

November can't decide whether it is Autumn or Winter.

It is dark mornings with a frozen windscreen, but also beautiful sunrises in the country.
November is Seafood month. We are so lucky to live in the shellfishes habitat. In November and October we can catch them.
Ruffen came with her home from kindergarden. We played with him one whole afternoon.
I don't see that many swans, so I took the opportunity to photograph those two.
I see a lot of seaegles, but this one was circkling around jsut outside the frontdoor.

 Yet another exam. Nordic literature this time.

 And we are already here again!
 I can't believe it!!


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