Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Favourite month is December!

I pass this house on my run. They have put up so much lighting. The picture doesn't do it justice. (Forgive me for having photographed your house. It is because I love it)

December is my favourite month. At the moment we have 18 hours of darkness, but there is so much light around! The Christmas lights, of course. And I just love it. The tackier the better.
December is the month where you are allowed to go a bit bananas. When a perfectly respectable citizen spend hours on a Saturday afternoon in December to get his chritmas lights working. And when he, after many hours work, is finished he has blinking christmas lights in all colours all around his house. And it  just looks awful. I love it.
And, oh - this year I have noticed that the ugly Christmas sweaters are really popular. I need to get one!

It felt weird sneeking around taking photos of the chritmas decorations in the neighbourhood, but here is another one. They weren't finished decorating when I took the photo. (Sorry to you, too)

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  1. Here's to tacky Christmas lights and ugly Christmas sweaters -- just what we need to get through these darker days!