Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Review of the year 2016.....

I guess I am a bit nostalgic as I always start to look back on the past year at this time of the year. That has led to me writing review posts on the blog every year.The review this time is probably a bit different. I like to think that at the ende of the year when I make my review, I really think it through and I find lots of photots I want to repost. That is what I like to think, but it hasn't necessarily been the case - I don't know. It is certainly not so this time around.
When I went through my posts I didn't really find that many photots I wanted to repost and I asked myself if I should perhaps drop the whole review-post thing. But old habits, an the overall idea I have for this blog won. So here is a short, fast, furious and hardly chronological review post of the year 2016.
I have had the best teaching job I could ever dream of throughout this year. I have been so Lucky to be allowed to get to know all these wonderful families.
During the course of the year one bunch out, another one in and at the end of the year they where all gone.

My plan was to travel, but I only got to Rome. But then again I got to spend the summer on the Norwegian west coast.


I can only define this year as a good one. Quiet, fruitful, peaceful for me personally and those I care most about. But it has also given me concern for the society. I look to the future with optimism AND apprehension.
Personally I am either climbing the stairs or falling down. Time will tell, (Cryptical, I know)

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  1. It was a year worth reviewing and I'm glad you stuck to your practice of doing so. Wishing you all the best for 2017!