Monday, 18 September 2017

Passage of time...

In my new neighbourhood you find the old building in the photo above. It used to be a school, once an important hub for the surrounding villages. It tells a story of regional policy and of the way the infrastructure was thought of in years gone by. I don't know how old this building is, but I would guess that is approaching one hundred years. Back then this area was "far out in the country".
The old school is a telling tale of our changed society. The school was the local school for the surrounding villages. It might seem strange to place a schoolbuilding in the middle of nowhere, but there was a thought behind it. At least in the early days, the children walked to school and the school was strategicaly placed here so that it was equally far to walk from the villages.

The stairs are leading to the playground. Once upon a time children played football out here in their breaks, now nature is taking it back.

I know that it stopped being used as a school around 1980. Already then the population in the area was rapidly rising and new schools where needed. For a while it was used as a kindergarden, than as a youthclub untill it was just left there and is now so run down that it is dangerous to enter it. We didn't need it anymore in our modern, affluent society.

A rock in the middle of the road at the old gate says a lot. Do not enter. Soon the old school will be torn down. Residential blocks and other modern houses are approaching rapidly, and the development of this area will continue. No traces will remain of what was once a very important part of this community, back when it was a small community where everybody knew everybody. I wonder how many of my neighbours I will get to know?


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ones own...

A month after having moved from the city and out into suburbia I am convinced.
Every shed of doubt I might have had over the summer is gone with the wind.
Suburbia is not the end of the world.
Not at all...
It feels so good when things falls into place and you can settle for a while.
That's where I am now..

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Thursday, 7 September 2017

New beginnings?

University College set in a beautiful place in the Fjords.
Are there such a thing as new beginnings? Second chances, maybe? Or do we just - how can I put it- perhaps the word develop - covers what I am thinking of?
I have been thinking about this lately as I have become a part-time student again. I don't want to say to much about it at the moment, because I don't know how it will go, but I am undertaking a universitycourse. (Or several if I get that far. I am being a bit careful at the moment.) 
I have spent three days this week at a University College that is new to me, in a place a bit away from where I live, where I'd never been before and I have started to study a subject I had no idea existed the last time I was a student.
The discovery of this subject has come out of my working life. I don't need to study in any sort of way, I just want to. The strange thing is the motivation I feel. It is so different than what it was when I studied for my degree. Back than I wanted a job, a career. I chose the subject with that in mind and out of interest, of course. I had no idea that a subject such as the one I am currently undertaking excisted. I am not sure it did at the time. I studied hard and had a goal, back then. 
Now I just want to dive into the subject. I don't think this will lead to anything careerwise. I find this quite strange - the inner motivation that springs out of nothing?

I don't know how this will go, but at the moment I am quite excited at having this opportunity.

I wasn't the only one there. Eventually the room filled up :).

Sunday, 3 September 2017


For the first time in my life I am the sole mortgage holder. Before I decided to buy a flat, I thought this through and through. Will I mangage to pay? Will I manage to keep the place? Is it not better for me to rent? Renting means more freedom, right? And only my name on the mortgage - what a responsibility!!
And than the other angle of it all - I am so lucky that someone is willing to give me a mortgage. It is getting ever harder for people to achieve that.

When the decision was made there where so many mixed emotions. All through the summer I was so unsure of wether I had made the right decision. Even when I sat here in the empty flat, knowing it was mine - I felt all sorts of strange feelings. Not only regarding the mortgage, but also about that.
Nearly three weeks after the move I have come to a conclusion:
Paying the mortgage is so much better than paying the rent!
This is freedom!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August moments...

August was the month that turned much of my life upside down..
Becoming a homeowner...
From city views to suburbia..
Becoming a commuter..
New job that I really wanted...
(If only it had been in a different Place)

Here are the moments:

I packed my life into boxes and are now unpacking it again...

I painted a wall and had a nice weekend with girls where they chose the menu - taco...

I was not the only one to love the city flat....

I have seen this sunset for the last time...

I now have new rooms to fill....

This leaf landed at my feet as a sign that a new season is not to far away.
I have started to commute. An evening walk in the place where I work at the moment.
Waiting in the ferryque to go home for the weekend..

 Taken about two minutes before I locked the door to this flat for good..

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Letting go.........

I have left the city flat behind. I have written  about the decision to move into something bigger, more modern, Suburban earlier. And last week the day came to let go.
During this process it has struck me how difficult it is to let go, even if what you get in return is something better.

I remember when I moved in. It was in the dark month of January. In the beginning the sofa was just about the only piece of furniture I had in the living room. I sat there and looked out on the winter outside my window and I just knew that I would love living there. That it was a safe haven. It was more than enough for me at the time. Even this summer it has been more than enough for me. I dreaded leving it and was not at all lookng forward to moving.
Last week I took over the new flat, bigger and better, and as I moved out I became more and more aware that I was ready to let go.

I will probably shed a few tears as I hand over the keys and the time comes when I will have to let it go and never return to this flat. This has really been a home to me.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Kosehelg/Silent Sunday..

I have had a quiet weekend with the girls. So much happening at the moment so I needed that. I am making it a silent sunday. Here are some photos...

Friday, 11 August 2017

Jobs and all that...

 As I am currently jobhunting, I have given  a lot of thought to what I want to work with and the compromises I am willing to make. What I mean by compromises is that I have in the past taken jobs I really didn't want for the reason that I didn't want to commute to get a better job, for example.

I have had different jobs in my life. For a long time I worked in the travel/hospitalityindustry. It was never a conscious decision - I just dumped into it and it became my line of  work for many years.  I loved it and I hated it. I can remeber days when hoards of tourists from all corners of the world could give me a real buzz. There where other days when I just wanted the touristseason to end, right there and then - and to smile at them seemed almost impossible, but had to be done.

I have had jobs where it felt like the only task during a day was to turn up. I had worked in the travelindustry surrounded by people at all times, and it seemed like bliss to me to have such a quite job. It wasn't. I realised that I needed a challenge.

For a few years now I have worked as a teacher and with integration in a school. When this job came to an end I started to work with "normal" things in a school. I didn't like that all that much. I think I am the wrong person to work as teacher in that manner. That is not my challenge.

Over the summer holiday I have thought a lot about what I want to do and another aspect of the whole thing - you can't always choose. I have thought about going back to the travelindustry. I have thought about continuing as a teacher/substitute teacher. And then I got an offer. But that involves making some compromises. I will have to commute on a weekly basis.
 If the job had been locally, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. And I wonder if I am a bit foolish to let the commuting play such a major role.

But this will be a challenge, it will pay the mortgage and earlier I have thought that this is something I want to do. I will just have to ponder it for a while.

I always feel I need to have a photo to illustrate my posts and I have chosen this one of the harbour in Bergen. I took it from the boat when I came back from the little island community north of Bergen.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Moving brings things to the surface. I found this photo in a box. My mother and I in Barcelona in september 2013.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


One day I took the boat to a little island community north of Bergen where I had an errand. It was an overcast and humid day. The little moscitos where everywhere. And a beautiful place.

This is what it looks like there:

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Silent Sunday...

My neighbourhood for the past eight years, but not for much longer...

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Holiday time - July moments...

July has flown by...

Holidaytime and time-out...

I have now taken all the boxes out of this room and stored them in  a proper way...

Smoothie month. There was a freezer full of rasberries and blueberries that needed to be emptied.


We have had a bit of rain, but also warm weather and sun. But these two below will bathe whatever the weather does.

There are evidence that there are tourists out there somewhere.
All the things you own! I have gone through stuff that has been stored away for eight years. A lick of paint and perhaps I can use it.


Soon I will leave this view.
It sounds so harsh.

Courting - Wonder what they where talking about!

Enjoying the last of the cityflat that has ment so much to me these past few years.