Friday, 21 July 2017

Garden photos..

I have spent a few days at the country house and admired the garden there. I will not take the credit for any of it. There have been times when  have participated, but this year I haven't done anything out there. Still it is good to see that the garden is thiriving.

We have tried to grow different things, like different vegetables and potatoes. I had a herb garden a few years ago, which was quite successful. Lately plants/flowers and fruit are the main areas we have gone for. We can harvest raspberries, strawberries, plums and redcurrants with some success every year. We have also tried pears and apples with varying degree of success.

I took some photos and would like to take the opporunity to post some:

The raspberries and Strawberries needs some sun..

The red currants are always a success. The plums varies from year to year, but it looks like we will have some this year.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Fashion or maybe not...

There is a new fashion item in my wardrobe  and I am determined to wite a post about it. It is a kimono With tassels.
 I am normally not a tassel kind of person, but this kimono still got into my wardrobe.
The intention behind this post was to show off the kimono on me, but I din't manage to get a decent picture of it. It just looked like I was wrapped up in a blanket. It wasn't really the tassels fault. 
Perhaps I'll just keep it for those balcony evenings.
Thumbs up for determination for getting the post done, though.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Emptying rooms...

The decision is made. In a months time I will be swapping urban for suburbia. I am moving into a flat that is twice as big as the one I currently live in, in a five year old house about half an hour outside of the citycentre. There will be lots of space as opposed to the rather cramped conditions of city living. You even get your own parking place! So different from where I live now!
So why is it so that I have felt so sad? I have heard about people cracking open the champagne when they have bought a new house. I didn't feel like that at all.

I am not a city girl, but I have lived in the city for eight years. That was never the plan. This flat came to me when I was at a turning point in my life. I needed shelter, I needed anonymity, I needed to rebuild something and the city flat provided all of that.

I have been renting this flat, had the opportunity to buy it and decided against it. Basically, it has a lot to do with the surreal house prices in this country and what you get for your money. But it also has to with something else. A new start, maybe. Some kind of declaration that I am ready to move on.

So now I have started to put my stuff into boxes. I have felt really emotional and sad and had a strong need to just stay in the flat. Didn't want to go out at all.

Even if I have questioned my decision over the past few weeks, I know deep inside that I have done the right thing.

Never knew it could be so though emptyong a cupboard.

Friday, 30 June 2017

June moments...

The summerholiday is on..

The moments from June are few but sweet...

 In June I have celebrated my birthday..
 I have ended the schoolyear and got roses from students and parents...

....and was nearly driven mad by the extracurricular activities going on in June...

I celebrated somebody elses birthday...

I sat on a park bench and saw summertime arrive and I saw the sun setting yet again...

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Downtown on a summersdays...

The summerholiday is well underway. Summerweather finally arrived and I had an errand downtown. Checked out some greenlungs while I was there.

These seagulls had seen so many people with a camera before they just didn't care to bother anymore.

I've walked past this bloke so many times. For the first time I bothered taking a photo of him.


The tiny park with the theatre in the background

What a nice place - under a tree, above a fountain. Ole Bull is playing his violin. The whole square is named after him.

This is one of my favourite landmarks in Bergen in summertime. They decorate it so nicely. They where just doing that as I was there.

I love this summery scene of people lunching in the park on a summersday.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Continuing is the decision...

An orchid I got from the school where I worked this term as the summerholiday started
I've had a blogbreak. All through this spring I had doubts about this blog and over the past few weeks I was contemplating closing it down.
There where to many decisions to be made, life happening and I found it diffcult to articulate it here on the blog. It resulted in me regarding blogging as a bit pointless really. In the end it is my decision what I put on here and what not. I am not one to bare all, anyway. I want to protect those around me. But I just felt that if I was going to write about my days I have to be able to write about stuff that affects me and that are close to my heart, and I wasn't. So I had a long, good think about it.
My decision is to continue. 

Monday, 5 June 2017

A photo a day untill the end of May (Week 22) ...

May 29th: As a kid I loved to blow these. As an adult I much prefer them in their yellow state.

May 30th: Norwegian class...
May 31th: One of my mothers many orchids.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Birthday girl....

Today is my birthday. I am 45. I have probably lived half my life, but hopefully a good bit left. So much left to do.
 That is all I have to say about it today.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

A photo a day - week 21...

May 22: An artwork I would like on my wall..

May 23: Barbecue season is underway. It was so cold we had to eat inside.

May 24: The long weekend has started with wine and sun..

May 25: Public holiday with rain and fog. Spent it mostly indoors With netflix and knitting.

May 26: Walking in the park and a green roof over my head...

May 27: A beautiful sunny day spent partly on the balcony...

May 28: Midnight sun - or nearly. Photo taken at 00.26.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A photo a day (week 20)...

May 15: We are prepairing national ay celebrations in a couple of days. Lots of ironing to be done.

May 16: Classroom still... A quiet moment.

May 17: Constitution day celebrations. I had a quiet day at home.

 May 18: I love when the clouds are like this..

May 19: The weekend is on the horizon...

 May 20: On my run this morning I stumbled across this. It looks like just a spill on the pavement, but I think it has been put there delibarately. It is Norway on a map. Probably from constitution day a couple of days ago.
May 21: My Sunday view....