Sunday, 29 January 2017

January moments..

January is an anticlimax...
Dark, long, cold.....
But light at the end of the tunnel....

January is birthdaymonth in the family..
Winter weather makes the darkness not so dark. Climate change makes few winterdays even in january.
 Springlike temperatures and rain makes January afternoons dark to run in.
I worked as a substitute teacher and got to borrow somebody elses office for a month and got to know some nice new students.

I got a box of choclates for Christmas that the shortest person in the family gladely would have eaten within five minutes. I put them on top of the diningroom lamp so that she couldn't get hold of them. A month on they where still there. The short person was the one to notice.

 Last saturday night of January! Everybody is in bed. I have cleared most of the table, drink redwine from a waterglas and watch BBC world News.  Blessed moment!

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