Thursday, 16 February 2017


I guess the reason for all this talk about weather, light and darkness is living this far north in the world. It plays such a crucial part in our lives. The climate change that leads to mild, springlike winters does not take the darkness away or the light for that matter.
In mid-February we have daylight at 8 in the morning and darkness doesn't fall untill six o'clock in the afternoon. AND we have had two weeks of sunshine! It has been sorely needed!
Suddenly one day I realised that there is sun in the flat for hours, and the time when I will have to shut the curtains and the sun out is not to far away. I thought Gosh! Where has the winter gone? Short term memory is such a great thing.
But having the sun around  at this time of the year just gives some extra vitamines. It is so much easier to get outside on a sunny day. And even if we are back to rainy days -  spring is just around the corner.

I have been burning candles in the evening. It is cozy and I have a lot of old ones I want to get rid of.  Soon I will forget to brun candles at night, because there will be so much light around from nature itself.

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