Tuesday, 21 March 2017

On my reading list at the moment..

 At the moment I have three books that I am reading/going to read in the near future.

I bought this book Stoner by John Williams a couple of years ago, I think. There where so much talk about it so I bought it. I have never gotten around to reaing it untill now and I wonder why. I have read about a third of it and I think it is a great book in all its silence. It is about a man who lives his life with all its ups and downs, losses and victories. So far I just love the way this story is told.

This is the second book in Lucinda Riley series about the seven sisters. All my peers are reading this series so I was lead into temptation. I didn't really like the first book. Only got through about half of it before I gave up. So far I have read a couple of chapters of this book so we will see if I manage to get through it.

I have read the first book in Elena Ferrantes Neapolitan series and I loved it. This is the second one. I got the first two books for my birthday last year, but so far I have only read the first one. This is next on my list and I can't wait.

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