Saturday, 22 April 2017

This time of year can be so hard...

Grey, Cold, sleet and snow.
I am so ready for some springfeeling. The weather at the moment doesn't allow for any of that at all and it so affects my mood. It is colder now than what it has been any time this past winter. I have had to scrape ice of the windsecreen twice this past week. I don't think I did that in January at all.

It is getting greener and flowers are coming through and we have the daylight, so I know that spring will come soon. It is just taking so long.
It is less than two months untill the summerholiday. We have started the run up with lots of outdoors activities at the school I work in. If we only could have some warmer weather for it.

I have changed into summertyres on the car. (The day after I was driving through heavy snow) I have been in the garden to look for signs of spring. I found some.
 I just hope the tulips don't freeze to death.

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