Monday, 24 April 2017

Urban views or not?

Urban neighbourhood
I am at a crossroad in life. In the next few months I have to make a desicion if I am going to leave the city flat behind or stay. I have been thinking about it for a few months already and I realise that everything has its pros and cons.
I moved in here eight years ago. I was at a crossroad at that time as well. I needed to get out of one of lifes situations quite quickly and moved to this area of the city without having considered it much. (Come to think of it - perhaps all this time I have to consider my options this time round is the real problem?)
Anyway - I was going to stay here for around a year and that is now eight years ago. I have loved living here. I love being close to the city centre and I love the anonymity of living in the city. But I also miss things like being part of a community, being closer to family and friends (none of them live in the city), perhaps knowing your neighbours. But as I say there are pros and cons with everything.
I am a bit surprise at my own mixed emotions about it all. I think it is this aversion to change so well known in mankind. It is as if I have to convince myself that there are new and exciting hunting grounds out there. It is if I think that everything will go pearshaped if I move. Funny ain't it?
What am I afraid of losing - views like this?

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  1. I recognise those feelings, although I was going in the opposite direction. Good luck deciding!