Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Youth and age an all that..

I have just had the news that I have recieved a place at  University College to do a masterdegree this Autumn. I have accepted it, but it took me a few rounds around the block before thought: OK - It is a few months away, at least I can accept the place at the course. I still can't make my mind up if this is right or wrong.

I am in my mid-forties and the reaction I get when tell people is. "Oh - aren't you a bit old for that?" So I ask myself: "Am I too old?

As my old job came to an end last December, I started to think that perhaps it was time for me to do something different. With that I ment get a different job, not to go into further education.  I was not looking for a Univeristy course. I just stumbled upon it, found it interesting and applied.
But, am I not a bit old for all this?

About twenty years ago I started on my first degree. I chose the subject not out of interest, but because I regarded the jobprospects to be good. I hated it and I struggled. When I failed an exam I just couldn't care less, and there was no way I would sit the exam again. My quest for education didn't stop there and eventually I got my degree in history and archaeology and that has led me into teaching. I guess that was not the path I expected to go down when I graduated all those years ago. That leads me to think: I am a bit old, but I am also experienced. I know that this will probably not lead me onto a bright, new career.

It is through my job in education  that I have gained interest in the subject I might study now. If I had read the course description twenty years ago it would not have intersted me at all. I guess I would have found it rather boring with no prospects. Now I regard the process of getting deeper into this subject as exciting, not the job prospects at the end. That is age, I guess and I think that starting point can also be a good one. But, I also wonder if I, at my age, bascially should know better and not even contemplate getting into this?

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  1. If you have a zest and zeal for the subject, do it. If you dont, sack it off! I talk from experience. Anyway poemblog9.blogspot.com is a hit. Toodles, Mark.