Saturday, 24 June 2017

Continuing is the decision...

An orchid I got from the school where I worked this term as the summerholiday started
I've had a blogbreak. All through this spring I had doubts about this blog and over the past few weeks I was contemplating closing it down.
There where to many decisions to be made, life happening and I found it diffcult to articulate it here on the blog. It resulted in me regarding blogging as a bit pointless really. In the end it is my decision what I put on here and what not. I am not one to bare all, anyway. I want to protect those around me. But I just felt that if I was going to write about my days I have to be able to write about stuff that affects me and that are close to my heart, and I wasn't. So I had a long, good think about it.
My decision is to continue. 

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