Thursday, 29 June 2017

Downtown on a summersdays...

The summerholiday is well underway. Summerweather finally arrived and I had an errand downtown. Checked out some greenlungs while I was there.

These seagulls had seen so many people with a camera before they just didn't care to bother anymore.

I've walked past this bloke so many times. For the first time I bothered taking a photo of him.


The tiny park with the theatre in the background

What a nice place - under a tree, above a fountain. Ole Bull is playing his violin. The whole square is named after him.

This is one of my favourite landmarks in Bergen in summertime. They decorate it so nicely. They where just doing that as I was there.

I love this summery scene of people lunching in the park on a summersday.


  1. Lovely to see some urban summer scenes of your surroundings -- looks like such a beautiful city.

    1. It is a beautiful city. Well worth a visit. Can't gurantee the weather, though.