Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Fashion or maybe not...

There is a new fashion item in my wardrobe  and I am determined to wite a post about it. It is a kimono With tassels.
 I am normally not a tassel kind of person, but this kimono still got into my wardrobe.
The intention behind this post was to show off the kimono on me, but I din't manage to get a decent picture of it. It just looked like I was wrapped up in a blanket. It wasn't really the tassels fault. 
Perhaps I'll just keep it for those balcony evenings.
Thumbs up for determination for getting the post done, though.


  1. Hard to tell what it looks like, but yes, congrats on at least getting the post done -- and at least it's cosy?

    1. I just didn't have the nerve to post any photos that shows it- they where to bad. But definitely cosy!