Friday, 11 August 2017

Jobs and all that...

 As I am currently jobhunting, I have given  a lot of thought to what I want to work with and the compromises I am willing to make. What I mean by compromises is that I have in the past taken jobs I really didn't want for the reason that I didn't want to commute to get a better job, for example.

I have had different jobs in my life. For a long time I worked in the travel/hospitalityindustry. It was never a conscious decision - I just dumped into it and it became my line of  work for many years.  I loved it and I hated it. I can remeber days when hoards of tourists from all corners of the world could give me a real buzz. There where other days when I just wanted the touristseason to end, right there and then - and to smile at them seemed almost impossible, but had to be done.

I have had jobs where it felt like the only task during a day was to turn up. I had worked in the travelindustry surrounded by people at all times, and it seemed like bliss to me to have such a quite job. It wasn't. I realised that I needed a challenge.

For a few years now I have worked as a teacher and with integration in a school. When this job came to an end I started to work with "normal" things in a school. I didn't like that all that much. I think I am the wrong person to work as teacher in that manner. That is not my challenge.

Over the summer holiday I have thought a lot about what I want to do and another aspect of the whole thing - you can't always choose. I have thought about going back to the travelindustry. I have thought about continuing as a teacher/substitute teacher. And then I got an offer. But that involves making some compromises. I will have to commute on a weekly basis.
 If the job had been locally, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. And I wonder if I am a bit foolish to let the commuting play such a major role.

But this will be a challenge, it will pay the mortgage and earlier I have thought that this is something I want to do. I will just have to ponder it for a while.

I always feel I need to have a photo to illustrate my posts and I have chosen this one of the harbour in Bergen. I took it from the boat when I came back from the little island community north of Bergen.

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  1. Choices and change. . . good luck with the decision-making. And thank you for the view of Bergen harbour.