Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Yuletide is here..

Over the weekend I went grocery shopping and needed some toiletpaper. I picked a packet from the shelf, and didn't think more about it untill I got home and realized that it had Santas on it! November 11 is far to early for Santa-toiletpaper (If you really need Santa toiletpaper at all) and all the other Christmas-stuff you find in the shops from September time or thereabout.

I love Christmas, but I hate that it starts earlier and earlier. And, as far as I can gather, there is only one point to it all - to sell more stuff.

I used to work in a shoppingcentre and it irritated me to bits when we had brainstorming meetings in May where we started to plan Christmas season. I got Christmas decorations out in July - because "Christmas in July"/"Jul i Juli", was something we needed to try out. And then September - four months before Christmas. The whole point was to sell more stuff.

I am not going to moralize. Some people love year-round Christmas and that is fine. I just think that it is allowed to think a bit - and do we really need toiltet paper with Christmas ornamentation on it?

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