Sunday, 8 April 2018

Returning to commuter life - week 14...

It was quite hard to go back to work after the easter holiday.
Harder than I thought.
All through the long winter I thought
 if I only got through February, much would be done.
But winter is long and hard this year..

My beige jumper is finished and I blocked it before returning to work..

At least it is now daylight as I drive back to commuter island. And a beautiful sunset kept me company over the mountain and along the fjord..

But bitterly cold and the next morning we woke up to even more snow..

It remained a cold, icy and sunny week, but oh - how I long for spring weather...

I fund myself being homesick this week. There where so many things I should have odne at home during the week. Instead I spent the weeknights on the sofa reading a travel tale and studying.

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