Thursday, 10 May 2018

Unease and a family milestone goes hand in hand in week 18..

I find that workinglife can be such fun, challenging, scaring, frustrating, interesting -  there are probably more adjectives I can use. This week it made me uneasy. It is a situation I am sure I will return to in the weeks to come.
At the weekend we had a familycelebration. I tried to leave the unease at home, put on my best gear and take part in the joyus occasion.

I put on my national costume for the first time in five years. It still fits. Not bad!

The main person this day, in her new bunad from her fathers region....

First the ceremony in the church.

Then the celebration at home with dinner and cakes. 

Photosession with the paparazzi after a memorable day...

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  1. Great photos -- how cool it is that you all have your national costumes! No such thing here in Canada. . .