Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Commuter life...

From the archives: Spring in commuter island

About a year ago I got a joboffer that came as somewhat of a surprise. It involved either moving or commuting. I decided on commuting.
At that point in my life  I had decided that I didn't want to study to becom a fully qualified junior- teacherand as a result decided to leave the school comunity I had been teaching in for the past few years. I was not quite sure where this would lead me.
 I did not expect to commute on a weekly basis. I got offered this job in a tiny island a three-hours drive and a ferry trip away from home.  The offer was just to good to turn down. I decided to give it a year and then take stock, which I have done over the summer.

So what is the conclusion?

Commuting is not ideal. It has been though to stay in a commuter flat during the weekdays. It is tough to have to be away from home every week and miss the daily life at home. That is just stating the obvious.
When I took the job last year I had just moved into a new flat, and I have not been able to get involved in life in the new neighbourhood. Since I don't really live in commuter island I also haven't involved myself in life there outside of work.

There was a few things I wasn't prepared for. For example that there is only one shop that closes at six o'clock in the afternoon. Of course not a problem really, but a few times when I have needed/wanted something in the evening and thought: If only I was at home! (Where the shops are open untill midnight, at least).
When winter came I wasn't prepared for the lack of roadlights. It came as sort of a surprise that it was so pitch dark. It made it difficult to get out in the wintermonths as darkness fell before I finished work.
I had forgotten about smalltown mentality, although I am a smalltown girl myself. I had forgotten how it was to be dependent on a ferry, even if I grew up waiting for ferries.

From the archives: Commuter island in June

But I love the job. When I took the decision to let my old job go, I did it because I was disillusioned. I became grumpy and moody and lived for the weekend. And in that state I couldn't see any possibilities or that there could be good things in my future working life. I regarded all jobs to be the same.
In commuter island I got energetic. I laughed and had fun at work. And I began to believe in working life in quite a new way. I saw/see possibilities.

So a year on - where am I? Well, for ever grateful for having taken the job, knowing that I don't want to live a life full time in commuter island. (Living in a remote place appeals to some people and often I get asked if  I would consider living there).
It has given me belief in life. There are things - jobs - that can be fun and developing and interesting and that doesn't just wear you out and make you grumpy.

It has been a reminder to me watching how other people live - how I could have lived. I have met people I admire for choosing that kind of life. I am so glad that we are different.
It has made me grateful for what I have, for being able to choose.

In a couple of weeks I'm going back. I look forward to it and I dread it. I have decided that if I get the opportunity I will move on, but how long it will take I don't know. And I have learnt that sometimes taking a chance pays off.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Breaking the rules...

Throughout this year I've been trying to sum up the year week by week here on the blog. Now I am breaking that rule. Basically summermode arrived. The heat and extraordinary weather that has gripped Europe and Scandinavia also gripped the Norwegian west coast. We have more winds and foggyclouds here on the shore of the North sea, but not a drop of rain for weeks. I have had my holiday weeks at home (still a few left of those), and have become really lazy (ha,ha).
Here are a catch up of our summer so far in pictures:

I'm just showing off my new sunglasses

I planned to do a post about my new dining table, but in my summerlaziness I've decided to just sum it up here. 

I bought an old oak table that I stripped down, painted and oiled.

I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.

There has been a lot of walking this summer.

Windy day keeps the fog away. It lays like a wall out in the ocean.

I cannot begin to explain how much I love this landscape.

The wild nature and the petroleumindustry hand in hand...


  And the summer nights on the balcony. They are magic.