Sunday, 4 November 2018

Five things at the start of November....

The clocks went back last weekend. That made the morning view from my commuter home a tiny bit brighter. Particulcarly as it was a clear day on monday.

Come wednesday I just could not believe the fact that it is already November. 2018 is nearly up. Where has it gone?

The previously mentioned brighter morning means an earlier night. Not that it will make much different. We are entering the dark time of the year on these shores. In particular in my commuter island where there is hardly any roadlights. Headlight and safetyvest are needed on my daily exercise trip.

I bought these shoes last year and regretted it. I found them big and chunky, squaky and bright. I have worn them quite a lot recently and now love them. They don't squeak anymore either.

And last, bit not least my classroom. I love doing this job, but it will fade away over the next few months. Thats life....

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  1. The year has blown past us -- hard to believe we're at November again. In your dark winter, you must be seeking out all the light and indoor comforts possible. Take care ;-)