Sunday, 3 February 2019


I took this  sat in my car outside the church in my commuter village. 

I am in a period of worrying. Or to be correct - I am a worrier - full stop. Right now I worry about icyroads, I worry about more snow falling down - and on top of that I have spent the untill now, warm winter, worrying about climate change.
Now that I am away during the week, I worry about the family back home, even if I know that they are perfectly allright.
I worry about work, I worry about having a job and maybe not having a job in the future. And I worry about the big picture - Brexit, the new regional politics in my own country. I worry about the antics of the president in America, his twitter account and the consequences.
I could go on - and I know it is a waste of time. Worrying really is a waste of time! There is mostly nothing I can do about the things that I worry about. But still, they linger there. I choose to think they are completely normal, but at times I wish I could just lean back and go with the flow.

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