Saturday, 9 November 2019

Glory to the weekend...

Beautiful ice patterns on my windscreen on Friday morning.

It has been a busy week. It is the grading season for us who work in "the schoolbusiness. " After having worked with refugees for a few years, I had forgotten how much work goes into that.
In addition I "lost" a day at my desk, as we attended a conference with the education guru James Nottingham regarding the learning pit and learning challenges. Interesting day, though.
Winter has arrived  with frosty, beautiful weather.
Oh, how I longed for the sofa and the weekend as I was stuck in the rushhour traffic on Friday afternoon. Darkness falls early now, but the horizon looks promising for the weekend. I am going to leave all work to one side, bake a cake and celebrate a birthday in the family.
Rushhour on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Fashion week....

When reading blogs, one of my favourite topics is reading about what people wear and the thinking around it. I have often thought about posting more about this myself. But I feel that what I wear is to boring with not enough variation. Once in a  while I can do it though, and this week I had planned to do five days of what I wear. Things seldom goes to plan, and this plan failed already at the first hurdle when I forgot to take photos. But I still wanted to do my post, so I here is a post about items that I wear a lot at the moment.
 Scarf season is here. I wear scarves all the time, particularly in the winter, of course, but also through the rest of the year. I find scarves really versitile, and easy to put on and take off depending on the temperature. I bought this in deep green with coral flowers a few years ago. I really don't know why I haven't used it. Started to wear it  this week and love it. I find that the colour really suits me, and the fabric is so soft. The tag has been cut off, so I don't know what it is made of. 
 What I meen by boring outfits. A top and a cardi and jeans is the thing for a normal day.
 On an ordinary working day I normally wear jeans. I want to become more adventourous, but I am not there. When I bought these ripped jeans I thought maybe they are a bit to young for me, but I have decided not to care. I love them. 
 The all-weather jacket is part of the uniform. We have a lot of challenging weather in this country, which doesn't stop us from outdoor adventures.  I work in a school, and the  weather needs to be really bad before we let the students stay indoors during break time. Waterproof and insulated is the thing. Instead of the blue and black I always go for, I've gone for a new purple one.
I still wear my boots that I've had for three years. It is the same thing as with the jacket- waterproof and insulated, and also slipperyproof. I have bought a couple of new pairs of boots this autumn, as the ones in the photo above is beginning to notice the wear. The one on the left is an all-year pair, that I intend to wear with skirts and dresses. The one on the right is a pair of real winter boots.a