Sunday, 1 December 2019


My 8th and graders have worked with online poetry in the English lessons lately. One of them came up with this beautiful little poem. I wasn't able to find out who has written it, and I hope whoever wrote it will accept my apologies for not quoting the author.

I hope you love here. No matter how far here is from where you want to be. And I hope you realize if here isn't where you want to be, then you 'll never get there - because everything is right here, right now.
And so if you don't love right here, right now, what makes you think you'll love right here, right now later?
You won't. 
Your mind is stuck on later.
Happiness later. Success later. Being my most fit and attractive version later, not realizing you could be your most successful version right now. And even if you couldn't, you could be your happiest version right now, and really, there is no difference between the two.
And if you do not know that right here, right now, I hope you realize that sooner than later.

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